How to share excel files securely for due diligence

For as long as I’ve worked in security sharing Excel files whilst leaving them readable has always been hard. Most data rooms take one of three approaches: 1 – Convert the Excel into a PDF. This works okay for basic financial documents but is rubbish for anything complicated – anything with more than say 20 […]

The Index document – a one page site map with excel export

We just updated our index feature – we now offer a one page printable summary of the entire data room, and a full excel index. When you are reviewing documents the onscreen index gives you an at a glance overview of the entire data room, and tells you how large the main folders are. If […]

New reporting for Projectfusion 3

We’re rolling out reporting to our Projectfusion 3 clients. This provides full usage reports and means that you can use Projectfusion for critical data rooms as well as collaboration. The reports list everything that users have been doing, including how long they’ve spent on site, what comments they’ve left,  and what they’ve been searching for. […]

Each Projectfusion site has its own terms

Each Projectfusion site can now have it’s own terms of use, which can be formatted, and even contain graphics.  To add terms to a site, go to the site as a manager, and choose ‘More | edit site details’. From here you can paste things in, including any images that are online (Your logo, your […]