Stay Compliant Across The Globe

At Projectfusion we host data in a variety of locations, all of which meet your local regulatory requirements. With Projectfusion you can keep all your data isolated in one geographic location. Everything stays there – files, databases and failover servers. Uniquely, we offer hosting in both the UK & Europe – important with the lack […]

Introducing safedrop v2: Revolutionising secure data sharing!

Projectfusion is rolling out a brand new version of safedrop, it’s secure messaging service which lets users send audited, secure messages and files to any email address.   The World’s first! When Projectfusion developed safedrop in the early 2000s it was the world’s first ‘ephemeral’ secure messaging service, and we’ve continued to develop and improve […]

Projectfusion and personal data – our GDPR Data processing addendum is ready for you

To help you fully meet GDPR requirements, if you are using Projectfusion to store any personal data, you should sign our Data processing addendum. It covers off all the details that GDPR requires, like sub-processing, breach notification and our security measures.   We’ve pre-signed the Data Processing Addendum (DPA), so it only requires an electronic […]

3 reasons to take your due diligence Q&A online

Q&As are a vital part of the M&A due diligence process, but managing the queries of various stakeholders can become bewildering and – worse – prone to accidental breaches in confidentiality. Using traditional methods like Word, Excel and email, Q&A activity can easily take up more time than any other element of the M&A process. Online […]

safedrop v2 – share files securely, gdpr compliant, no passwords

safedrop v2 – a simple secure way to share files with complete control, and NO PASSWORDS! Share large & sensitive files GDPR compliant Messages expire or self destruct Each safedrop has its own URL, you share it by email, social media, text, whatever Email tokens for recipient verification – no passwords Click here to get on […]

GDPR – 7 Key elements you must have in your supplier contracts

If you’re using a supplier to host *any* EU citizens personal data (including log entries, emails, documents, HR records, backups) then when GDPR starts in May 2018 you need to have a written contract with them that includes: subject matter and duration of processing type of personal data and categories of subjects. And that the […]

Our ethics – green giving, no guns or gambling please

We’re a very ethical team, 5 simple rules direct everything we do: NO BS Do what you say. If we say it’ll be ready Wednesday 10am it’ll be ready. Make it green. All our services reduce paper,print and couriers. We also have a paperless office, carbon neutral hosting, recycle everything we can, and encourage use […]

Do you consider cyber security in your supplier selection process?

Your organisation’s security doesn’t only depend on your own organisations efforts. Despite the most robust security measures, your organisations security is only as strong as the weakest link in your supplier chain. You should always search for suppliers that have had their security audited by a third party. ISO27001 is the international standard that demonstrates […]

3 tips to avoid a data breach

Click here to read the original article Here at Projectfusion, we implement all of these measures for you so your data remains safe and even the smallest company can have first class security in place. If you’d like a copy of our security white paper, click here or for some informal advice about ISO27001, see […]

Representations, Warranties and Indemnities in M&A

You just bought a company, and then you find out that a key piece of code doesn’t below to your new business (e.g. see the Skype lawsuits). Representations, Warranties and indemnities are the contractual tools that buyers and sellers use in M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) to de-risk these situations. In the US, the terms representations […]