Faster and simpler – updates

Some smaller updates we made live for the end of April, they all make things better. We have a faster document library, and a great new feature for users with only one site.

Document library 2X faster

After reviewing the document library we have made it twice as fast.

Site redirection for single site users

When a user belongs to a single site you can send them straight to that site, bypassing their dashboard. Less clicks, happier users. 

This makes things much quicker for users, so we recommend you turn it on!

This won’t stop users from accessing their personal dashboard. You can enable or disable this feature anytime by going to More > Application and un-ticking the “Redirect users to only site” box.


Password variety

Site admins can now set the complexity of passwords for their users. Navigate to More > Application.

You will notice a new “Password Validator” option. Just click and select the style/level of password security you wish to adopt and hit Apply.


Other changes include an update from 50 to 1000 recently modified documents listed under the Document library > Recently Modified tab, and if more than 100 things have happened you get an email that lists the amount of things happened rather than listing every thing individually.