Upgrade – Index doc, bulk upload users and new dashlet

On April 5th we upgraded all servers with lots of little tweaks, generally making things better. The new index document is probably the strongest addition – get a one page printable summary of the contents of a room with 10,000 documents.

Create & Download Full Index *NEW*

We now offer a full Index of all your files and folders when you add the “Site Index” to your sites using the Customize Site link under the More tab.

Just customise the sites dashboard, and drag it in!


Bulk Upload Users *UPDATED*

We have improved our bulk user import feature by adding Group assignment with automatic group creation. The user will be added to the group(s) in a .CSV file you upload. You can add up to 2,000 users in one go (although it takes about 10 minutes to send out 2,000 invites!).

Tag Query Dashlet *NEW*

Place a custom list of docs on your site dashboard with our new dashlet. Choose a tag, and any matching documents will be displayed on the dashboard. Great for FAQ’s, key documents, index documents – anything important. 

Send Email *New*

To send an email to all of your users, or a short list. Go to the Members tab and search for the users you want to add, then press the Send Email button shown below.

Your default email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail) will open and automatically enter the email addresses of the users into the bcc field. Then enter your message and press send. 

Coming up

We’re making the document details page 5X faster. We tried for 10x, but heh, it’s all good. 

Stronger password enforcement – admins can select password strength.