Wannacry ransomware – update

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1000hrs Monday 15th May 2017
In case you haven’t heard, a new exploit called WannaCry has been spreading across the internet since Friday. It’s ransomware that encrypts files and asks for money to recover them. As this time no-one knows if paying the ransom will actually recover your files.
Impact on Projectfusion
There is no direct impact, however if your systems are infected and you use a ‘drive map’ or the Projectfusion desktop client on a Windows PC to map Projectfusion to your systems, then there is a chance your data could be infected.
What we’re doing
As of 1020hrs today we’re scanning our estate to see if anyone has been affected.
As a precaution we are also disabling the WebDav protocol that enables users to mount Projectfusion like a network drive. We’ll re-enable this on request.
What should I do
Make sure you’re machine is up to date with all the latest patches applied.
Help I’m infected!
Don’t worry! We keep all your files backed up. If you’ve just lost a few files you can go to the trashcan and get them back. If you need to recover a few thousand files then please contact us and we’ll sort it (or you can recover them one at a time if you have a lot of time to spare!).
Further reading
1030hrs Monday 15th May 2017
Network analysis indicates that none of our clients have been affected. We’re continuing to disable WebDav access.
1230hrs Monday 15th May 2017
Network analysis & manual checks indicates that none of our clients have been affected. We’ve disabled WebDav access for most clients. If you need it enabled, please do get in touch!
See our helpdesk article here if you think you’re affected by Malware.

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