Giving back to people and the planet

We are an innovative firm and have been at the forefront of many innovations in our sphere, from crazy developments (don’t ask!) in advertising, to the first online data room. Way back in 2011 we started giving some of our profit to charity. Then in 2016 we changed the model to 1% of turnover. A […]

Our ethics – green giving, no guns or gambling please

We’re a very ethical team, 5 simple rules direct everything we do: NO BS Do what you say. If we say it’ll be ready Wednesday 10am it’ll be ready. Make it green. All our services reduce paper,print and couriers. We also have a paperless office, carbon neutral hosting, recycle everything we can, and encourage use […]

Ethical business and CSR – giving 1% of turnover to charity

Since 2011 we have given a percentage of our profit to charities, we didn’t know what CSR was, it just seemed like a good thing to do. It started with me choosing charities which I love and giving them a percentage of profit (this has been mostly Médecins Sans Frontières), but last year we decided […]