ISO27001 – don't believe it until you've seen the certificate

So often you see ‘ISO27001’ bandied around on websites. If you’re planning on actually using a supplier you should always ask to see the certificate – and you should also check it every 12 months or so. We were in the early stages of looking at a new supplier – so I always ask for […]

I've been goated! Gamification and security

Gamification or fun security – I’ve just been goated We try and keep security simple, and even fun. In our office if you leave your screen unlocked for even a couple of seconds you get goated. Someone sticks a great big picture of a goat on your screen. Then adds a point to your tally.


3 tips to avoid a data breach

Click here to read the original article Here at Projectfusion, we implement all of these measures for you so your data remains safe and even the smallest company can have first class security in place. If you’d like a copy of our security white paper, click here or for some informal advice about ISO27001, see […]

iStorage USBs and why we use them

If you don’t know already here at Projectfusion we’re all about security. Our infrastructure, processes and personnel are fully ISO27001 compliant. So what happens when we send you data and rely on couriers to do their job correctly? Will your data be safe until it reaches your hands? Don’t worry, the answer is always a […]

ISO27001 – template – Applicable legislation for a UK SAAS Cloud company

One small but important aspect of an ISMS* is applicable legislation and regulation. When first starting our ISMS I struggled to come up with this list, so have posted it to give someone else a starting point and save them some time. This is a good starting point for UK cloud businesses on their way to ISO27001 […]

Useful UK Security acronyms and terminology

Security has it’s own set of acronyms and terms. Here’s a list you will find useful for your ISO 27001 and other security work, Security and IT – Common acronyms Accept (related to risks) These are risks you have decided as an organistion to accept. So you may choose to accept that as a US […]

Choosing an ISO 27001 advisory partner – costs & options

When we started the road to ISO 27001 it was hugely daunting, a lot of unfamiliar terms and typical tech speak lingo made it all sound horribly complicated and difficult. We decided early on to hire a consultancy firm to help us prepare, and received quotes from £2,000 to £40,000 for the same job (help […]

ISO 27001 beginners guide – 5 key steps

Many businesses are now preparing or considering getting ISO27001 accredited, and it’s something you really should consider implementing if you host any kind of remotely sensitive information. This is the first in a short series of posts  – an ISO 27001 and Information Security beginners guide. What is ISO 27001 certification An ISO 27001 certification means […]