Don’t Let COVID-19 Kill Your Deal

With coronavirus causing unprecedented disruption to deals, time is of the essence. Those finding deals taking longer than they should risk lower valuations, and lower investor interest. This great article from provides some best practices to make sure your deal gets done. There’s things like: Making sure communication is as clear as possible Listing […]

How to share excel files securely for due diligence

For as long as I’ve worked in security sharing Excel files whilst leaving them readable has always been hard. Most data rooms take one of three approaches: 1 – Convert the Excel into a PDF. This works okay for basic financial documents but is rubbish for anything complicated – anything with more than say 20 […]

Representations, Warranties and Indemnities in M&A

You just bought a company, and then you find out that a key piece of code doesn’t below to your new business (e.g. see the Skype lawsuits). Representations, Warranties and indemnities are the contractual tools that buyers and sellers use in M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) to de-risk these situations. In the US, the terms representations […]