Cybersecurity Roundup Q2 2024

There have been some almighty Cybersecurity incidents in the tech world recently. Read on for some of the biggest fails so far this year.

Google Workspace accidentally deletes $125 billion pension provider’s data. An Australian pension fund provider inexplicably saw their Google Cloud account vanish overnight thanks to a ‘once in a lifetime’ event that saw all their data (and backups!) deleted from the Google Cloud platform. Both the fund provider CEO and Google Cloud CEO were quick to put out a press release reassuring clients that everything was under control. 10 days later, the pension provider recovered their data (from another third party client, not Google Cloud). For a secure way to store, access and manage your data, whether it be for dealmaking, or securing your IP, Projectfusion offers the tools you need to keep your data safe and accessible.

Dropbox Sign sees nasty data breach. A recent class action lawsuit sees Dropbox in hot water after leaking customer data due to inadequate security measures. Our eSign platform provides a robust and reliable option to those looking to send and sign documents securely. Built with security and simplicity in mind, our platform offers you the solutions you need to prevent unwanted data leaks.

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