How to get a bundle to court during lockdown!

The UK courts are changing quickly as we enter the second month of lockdown. Two months ago, if we had asked most courts “Could they take an electronic bundle?” they’d have said “No!”, and demanded everything by paper. Now everyone is more than happy to take electronic bundles (usually PDF files) by email. This is […]

Filesharing v2.0 – lessons learnt securing court bundles

With our Digital Courtrooms sister business, we’ve helped UK Local Authorities share really sensitive electronic court bundles with magistrates. Now magistrates are great folk, doing an amazing job, but they are not IT experts. They provide their own laptops and tablets. When we started working with the courts in 2016, we learnt that despite the options […]

Introducing Digital Courtrooms

This is what we’ve been up to for the last year – In partnership with South London Legal Partnership and Zylpha we’re offering Local Authorities (LA’s) a simple way to create and send digital bundles to court – Digital Courtrooms. We help create bundles, get them to court, and then let the court securely share […]

The future of UK courts – video is here, but is it the answer

In September I had an interesting morning at Criminal Justice Management 2015. Natalie Ceeney CEO HM Courts and Tribunals service gave a great overview on where the electronic court is going. She started by noting that whilst she hears lots of complaints, very rarely are they about unfairness or impartiality, and we are blessed to […]