Simple steps to protect you and your team from phishing

Here’s a simple process to protecting your firm. We’ve all seen them. Those pain in the arse emails that range from outright blatant to almost genuine in appearance. Over 50% of recipients get hacked because of them. The cost of a phishing attack can be huge, not just in monetary value either. In 2017, law […]

What next now Microsoft has ended Windows 7 support?

Today is the day that millions of Windows 7 users worldwide will stop receiving support from Microsoft. Microsoft is going to stop supporting Windows 7 from today (January 14th) in order to focus on newer technologies. For the last 12 months, Microsoft has been warning users that it will stop support for Windows 7 including […]

US government can still break your encryption without a court order

US Section 702 spying rules get deadline extension until April – and we expect it will continue after that, however it’s being challenged today by the House Freedom Caucus. For now, for Europeans, and anyone concerened about privacy, it’s just easier to keep your data in data centres with companies that do not have any US […]

GDPR – 7 Key elements you must have in your supplier contracts

If you’re using a supplier to host *any* EU citizens personal data (including log entries, emails, documents, HR records, backups) then when GDPR starts in May 2018 you need to have a written contract with them that includes: subject matter and duration of processing type of personal data and categories of subjects. And that the […]

ISO27001 – don't believe it until you've seen the certificate

So often you see ‘ISO27001’ bandied around on websites. If you’re planning on actually using a supplier you should always ask to see the certificate – and you should also check it every 12 months or so. We were in the early stages of looking at a new supplier – so I always ask for […]

I've been goated! Gamification and security

Gamification or fun security – I’ve just been goated We try and keep security simple, and even fun. In our office if you leave your screen unlocked for even a couple of seconds you get goated. Someone sticks a great big picture of a goat on your screen. Then adds a point to your tally.


Wannacry ransomware – update

1000hrs Monday 15th May 2017 In case you haven’t heard, a new exploit called WannaCry has been spreading across the internet since Friday. It’s ransomware that encrypts files and asks for money to recover them. As this time no-one knows if paying the ransom will actually recover your files. Impact on Projectfusion There is no […]

Do you consider cyber security in your supplier selection process?

Your organisation’s security doesn’t only depend on your own organisations efforts. Despite the most robust security measures, your organisations security is only as strong as the weakest link in your supplier chain. You should always search for suppliers that have had their security audited by a third party. ISO27001 is the international standard that demonstrates […]

3 tips to avoid a data breach

Click here to read the original article Here at Projectfusion, we implement all of these measures for you so your data remains safe and even the smallest company can have first class security in place. If you’d like a copy of our security white paper, click here or for some informal advice about ISO27001, see […]

Why we're still apple first for mobile – Shanghai surprise as cheap Android devices ‘phone home’ to China

Full story -> This is we are still focused on apple first for our mobile strategy – a strategy which has to allow download on uncontrolled or untrusted devices, which could well be devices like these. With apple we have a good idea that the hardware and operating system can be trusted. We can […]