Brexit & Your Data

Well a happy GDPR New Year! The EU and UK have agreed that its ok to keep sending personal data from the EU to the UK and vice versa – for now. This gives the EU 6 months to ratify the UK as an ‘adequate’ place for data, which I’m pretty sure will happen. This […]

How to do better M&A with Zoom and online document collaboration

Here’s an insightful 3 minute read from M&A expert Mona Sabet about how to help virtual M&A using old fashioned long form writing plus online collaborative tools. “Slack, email, Zoom are poor substitutes for the kind of in-depth discussions a deal requires. The always-on-from-anywhere quality that makes these communication devices so convenient also encourages “kicking […]

Schrems II, File Sharing, and Projectfusion

In July 2020, the EU ruled that ‘Privacy Shield’, the legal way to transfer personal data to the US was invalid, causing confusion amongst data controllers everywhere. This was the work of privacy advocate Max Schrems, who previously got ‘safe harbour’ revoked. These data transfers take place all the time, and the EU don’t think […]

How to run your ISO audit with a Data Room, Zoom & Trello.

COVID just made auditing easier. So in the time of COVID, auditing just got a bit easier! Usually Auditors insist on rocking up and hanging out for days in your office. Now they can’t. Yay! 😂 Here’s a way to run your audit with your advisor, remotely, using Zoom/Teams and your favourite Virtual Data Room […]

Giving back to people and the planet

We are an innovative firm and have been at the forefront of many innovations in our sphere, from crazy developments (don’t ask!) in advertising, to the first online data room. Way back in 2011 we started giving some of our profit to charity. Then in 2016 we changed the model to 1% of turnover. A […]

Auto-numbering comes to Projectfusion!

Our brand new auto-numbering feature promises to make organising your files a lot quicker. Here’s a sneak peek of it in action! It will save your team hours, if not DAYS of time when prepping deals, we promise! Projectfusion now makes it incredibly easy to add huge numbers of files and have them indexed. This […]

Deals on ice?

As the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease off and allow for some level normality, mergers & acquisitions are happening again. The good news from analysts is that they expect a relatively quick (yet cautious) recovery. This means deals are likely to resume close to the level at which they were pre-COVID. A report from LexisNexis […]

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Data Rooms

Business has been moving more and more online for a while now, but the events of 2020 pushed digital technology right to the forefront of everyone’s minds. With a sudden shutdown in ‘normal’ business travel, courier services and actual meetings, the world looked to the internet like never before. What many people (C-suite leaders and […]

Don’t Let COVID-19 Kill Your Deal

With coronavirus causing unprecedented disruption to deals, time is of the essence. Those finding deals taking longer than they should risk lower valuations, and lower investor interest. This great article from provides some best practices to make sure your deal gets done. There’s things like: Making sure communication is as clear as possible Listing […]

The Data Room in IP Due Diligence

Here’s a good perspective on the Data Room in IP Due Diligence – for both buyers and sellers. From Fish & Richardson. In brief: “A data room is an essential fixture in every IP due diligence process. A data room is the virtual space that holds confidential information that may need to be shared… generally […]