Adding Custom Watermarks To Documents

As a site Manager or Collaborator you can edit the properties of a file in the document library and apply a custom watermark to it.


Add “Watermarked” Aspect to Document

To do this we need to manage the aspects of the file so that we can add extra properties and edit them later. To manage the aspect of a file please preview it in the document library. On the right hand side, under the section Document Actions, you should see Manage Aspects, please click this.

You will be presented with a list of “Aspects” on the left which you can “+” and they will be added to the right. The option you need to choose is called Watermarked, please find it at the bottom of the left panel then click the + sign beside it and lastly click Apply Changes.

This aspect has now been added to the documents properties. Now lets edit the properties and apply a custom watermark to the file.


Editing Properties

In the same Document Actions section of the preview screen (see above) there is an option called Edit Properties, please click this. A new page will load containing the editable properties for this file. Down the bottom you will find Main Watermark and Optional Watermark. The main watermark is the one shown across the center of the preview at a 45 degree angle. Edit the text to replace the default watermark set via the Edit Site Details option.

An optional watermark can be set, this one will appear just under the timestamp. It can useful for telling people who they should contact if they require additional access to a document, such as download rights.


You can also use rules to automatically set custom watermarks to documents upon upload or when they are moved to different folders. Please get in touch if you would like help with this.

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