All users require a login to your service. They can be a member of multiple *sites. Removing a user from one site does not remove their login. Site managers cannot delete user accounts, or change their passwords (as this could affect other sites).

How does adding a user to a site work?

New users – when a user has never used your site before, and you invite them to a site, we create an account for them, and immediately send out a welcome email with a temporary password. If they accept the invite they will be asked to change their password.

Existing users – if the user already has an account, and you add them to a site, we will send them an invitation to join the site – but not a new password. This is because the user may be a member of several sites. The user will also get a message in their ‘tasks” dashlet.

If you remove a user from a site and re-add them, the login details will not be sent again  as the account has already been created, they will be treated as an existing user. To send a login reminder use the forgotten password feature on the login page.

Joining and leaving sites. 

When you add a user to a site they are sent a request, and are listed in “pending” requests until they accept. To accept the request they need to click on the email link, or login and click the “my tasks” link. You do not get charged for ‘pending’ users.

Users can choose to leave sites themselves, if they do this they immediately lose access to the site.


FAQ – Users cannot login – what to do?

It often happens, people forget their login details or password, or cannot login, and they call you up. What are the options?

1) Easiest –  just go to the login page, press ‘Forgotten password’ & request them a new password, it will be sent out immediately by email.

2) They haven’t received a welcome email. It will have been sent, we send out emails within seconds of you adding a user. Sometimes emails fail to get through due to spam or email filter failure.

If they have checked their email and spam folders, you can also ask their IT to whitelist Failing that, you will need your administrator to help  – they can click “more” at the top of the screen and go to users. Here the administrator can enter a new password, and then send that new password to the user directly.

3) They were invited to use your site  but never logged in, and have now lost the welcome email – best option is go to (5) below.
4) Add a user without invites being sent out.

Again this is a job for the administrator. They can add the user using the “users” menu, and then manually place the user in the groups for the site. The user will not be required to accept any invites or emails to join the site.

5) Remove a user & start again – login as an administrator, and delete the user through the “users” panel. Then go to the site, and invite the user again. They will get an email with fresh login details.
*Each individual site can be used as a data room or collaboration space