How To – Track a Safedrop

How to track safedrops  (paid accounts)

To view a list of all your sent safedrops, click on the ‘Track Safedrops’ button along the top bar.

As you can see above, each of your safedrops will be shown here. You can see the date sent, the subject of the safedrop, the recipient email addresses and any reference that the drop had.

Clicking on one of the safedrops will open up it’s audit menu showing it’s expiry date, recipients, subject and message, security settings and attachments.

Clicking on ‘audit log’ will open up the safedrop audit showing all actions for that safedrop.

Clicking on ‘expire safedrop’ will expire the safedrop and prevent the recipient from accessing it any further.

You will then receive a summary safedrop email showing if your safedrop was downloaded or viewed and when.

In the track safedrops page, just above the table headings,  you can click from ‘live’ to ‘expired’ to view all expired drops. Drops will stay here until deleted or until your predetermined audit retention time runs out.

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