How To Disable Recent Activity Emails

Recent activity emails can be a great way of finding out if any new files have been uploaded or if anyone has asked a question recently, however, we understand that sometimes you’d rather not have the extra emails cluttering up your inbox.

Here are 3 ways to disable your recent activity emails.


1. Start by clicking your name at the top right of the room next to the search bar, then clicking ‘My Profile’ from the subsequent drop down menu.

You will then have to select ‘Notifications’ from the menu bar, uncheck the ‘Email Notification Feed’ box and then click ‘OK’ .

2. Instead of clicking ‘Notifications’ in the menu bar, click ‘Sites’ instead.

This allows you to disable activity notifications per site.

And finally…


3. Clicking the link at the bottom of any recent activity email will disable notifications for your user.

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