How To Add Yourself Into A Site & Become A Site Manager

As a member of the ADMINISTRATORS group, you are able to add yourself into any site from it’s dashboard, and make yourself a manager.


To do this, click ‘Sites’ at the top left of the dataroom, and from the drop down menu, click ‘Site Finder’.

In the site finder search box, either search for the site you would like to join or simply click the search button to show a list of sites in the dataroom.

Once you have found the site you would like to join, click on the site name to go to the site dashboard.

Once in the site dashboard, click on the gear icon at the right of the dataroom and from the drop down, click ‘Join Site’.

You will then be added into the site as a Consumer user.

To give yourself manager rights over the site, once again click the gear icon but this time, from the drop down menu, click ‘Become Site Manager’.

You will now need to refresh your browser for the change to take effect. Once you have done this, you will now be a manager of the site.

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