It is possible to upload files discretely without notifying users in their activity feed or update emails.


Creating a New Folder for discrete uploads


1. Click ‘Create’ and then select ‘Folder’ from the drop down menu to create a new folder in the location you want the folder to be seen at a later stage (we recommend calling the folder ‘temp’ to start with)

2. Immediately change the folder permissions┬áso that only site managers can see it. You can do this by hovering over the file in the document library and clicking ‘More’ then selecting ‘Manage Permissions’ from the drop down menu. Please note that site managers always have full permissions.

3. Upload any files you wish to remain discrete straight into the ‘temp’ folder.

4. When you are ready to allow users access to the files, change the folder permissions to the settings you require.

Note. If you want to move/copy the files to another folder, all users will be notified provided the user has privileges for the folder the files are being moved to.