Setting Up Expandrive/Projectfusion Desktop App

Update 06/10/2022: We are no longer supporting the ExpanDrive app, so you may find that there are errors during setup. The WebDAV protocol still remains accessible, so any WebDAV supported apps will continue to function as excpected.

To connect to your WebDAV server

From the ExpanDrive window click on Add

Click on WebDAV. The WebDAV configuration screen is displayed.

Configure the fields, as described in the table below.

serverEnter the complete URI of the WebDAV server.

Note: URI must include either HTTP or HTTPS

usernameUsername that you use to connect to the server.
passwordPassword that you use to connect to the server.
nicknameAn optional nickname that you provide to identify this server.
remote pathAn optional remote path that you specify, if you would like to map to a specific directory on the FTP server.

Make sure to change the to your server and the example-site to your site name.

Click on Save.

Once connected click the play symbol to connect to the server.


Press the folder symbol and you should have access to the site as you would if you went through any internet browser.


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