How Do I Create And Use Workflows

Workflows are a feature that sit outside of Sites, but they do respect your rights to see other data room users. The only people who can see everyone are data room Administrators, so Workflows will work efficiently for them. Everyone else has to belong to a Social enabled site before they can assign Workflows to each other.


Now that we have those principles covered we can walk you through creating Workflows, and making sure non-Admins can see other users, so they can assign Workflows to each other.


Step 1 – Make a common Social site

As mentioned above non-admins have to belong to a Social enabled site, before they can assign Workflows to the other members of the Social site. We suggest creating a new Private and Social enabled site, then invite users who should see each other to the site.

Please note: Do not add users to a Social site if they should not see the other users. If you do they will see the other users and their names!

Once the correct users are added to the new site, and they accept their memberships, all users of that site can now create a Workflow, and assign it to each other.


Step 2 – Creating a Workflow

To create a Workflow follow these steps, 

  • Click Tasks and then My Tasks at the top of the data room
  • On the next page click “Start Workflow”
  • Select the type of Workflow you require from the drop down – I chose Adhoc Activity Process
  • On the next page under Workflow Assignee click Select, and in the text box type in the name of the user and click Search.
  • When the user appears click Add to assign this Workflow to them, and then click OK.
  • Enter any other details you wish to mention in the Comment or Description fields, set a due date, status, email notifications and so on. If you wish to reference a file you can do use at the bottom of the Workflow.
  • When you are happy that the Workflow is ready click the Start Workflow button.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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