Deleting & Restoring Things From The Recycle Bin

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When you delete content on Projectfusion, it is moved to your trashcan. By emptying your trashcan you can permanently remove content from your dataroom. Note: The trashcan/recycle bin will auto empty after 4 weeks. You have until then to recover any files that were deleted by accident.

Each user has their own personal trashcan, however, members of the ADMINISTRATORS group have access to the room-wide trashcan which contains the files deleted by every user in the room. 
Important: After you empty your trashcan or delete content from it, the content is permanently gone. When you delete from the trashcan, we have a brief window in which we can recover from redundant backups. This will incur a minimum fee, and could take a few days to recover.
How to access the Trashcan
1. Click your name at the top right of the data room next to the search bar and then select ‘My Profile’ from the drop down menu. Then click ‘Trashcan’ from the menu bar.
You will then be directed to the trashcan page.
Tip: All content that you’ve deleted is listed here. You can enter a content name in the search field and click Search to look for specific content.
To completely clear the trashcan, click Empty then OK.
The content is permanently deleted from your dataroom. You can also permanently delete specific items by clicking Delete next to them, or delete multiple items by selecting them and clicking Selected Items then Delete.

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