How To – Branding

Required Permissions – Manager or above.

Step 1 – Accessing the customise site button

Press the cog icon in the top right corner and then select customise site

Step 2 – Features and what they do (Customise Site)

now you have landed on the customise site page you will see a few different options let me tell you what each of them do.

  1. Excel View – This is on by default we recommend you do not touch this.
  2. Site Theme – This is the overall theme for the box’s (Dashlets) on the dashboard there are a few choices here select them and see which one you like or leave it as “application set theme” Default (White)
  3. Site Logo – this is the little logo you see in the top bar next to the dataroom name this needs to be 35 pixels high at its max, there a plenty of free online picture scalers to make size changes for you
  4. Top Bar Text – This is the text that appears on the top bar far right hand side this is Confidential as a Default
  5. Top Bar Colour and 5a.Top Bar Text Colour – This is exactly what it says it is on the tin 🙂 to get the colours you want we recommend using the exact HEX codes of the colour you want you can find these online using a colour picker or we can help you just drop us a chat from the bubble in the bottom corner.

Once you have applied all the changes you want to make scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the “OK” Button.

Step 3 – accessing the dashboard customiser

from the same cog icon we used earlier hit the customise dashboard button

Step 4 – Features and what they do (Customise Dashboard)

  1. Change Layout – pressing this button will give you a selection of different layouts for your dashboard.
  2. Add Dashlets – this will give you a selection of new boxes (Dashlets) to add to your dashboard
  3. Column layouts – these will allow you too place your Dashlets in the approbate place on the dashboard
  4. Bin – drag and drop a Dashlet from the column tab to the bin icon to remove it from the dashboard

This is the site members dashlet on the dashboard for reference





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