Before we explain how to add users to the group, please be aware that administrators have access to every site, every document and every group so choose your administrators carefully! 

Adding users to the ‘ADMINISTRATORS’ group – As an admin, click ‘Admin Tools’ at the top of the data room, then under ‘Users And Groups’ click ‘Groups’. On the Groups page, click the ‘Browse’ button. Click the ADMINISTRATORS group and then click the  button and add any users you want to the group

Members of the “ADMINISTRATOR” group have the highest level of permissions available.

They also have access to special menus including:

Application menu – setup authentication and other service defaults

Some options are not recommended unless you’re an expert:

Users – Edit user details, change passwords, add or remove them from groups, disable accounts etc.

Groups – Add or remove users from groups including site creators or administrator.

Repository – Access custom reports, customising data room emails etc. However this is not recommended. Please contact us if you require any further assistance.