Data Lists

Data Lists are site-specific lists of items that every user can see. They can be used for to-do lists, referencing, organising events etc.

When creating a new data list, you can choose from various lists, each with different functions.

you can then add new items to that data list.

Only users with user roles above contributors will be able to make their own data lists and add new items to pre-existing data lists. However, any user role can see data lists and tasks and there is no way of hiding them or making them private.

If an item in a data list has a file attached that is from a different site, other users will not be able to see that data list item unless they are also members of the site that contains the file that was attached.


Data lists are entirely separate from tasks. They will not show up in the ‘My Tasks’ dashlet nor do they generate any email notifications.

This feature can be used alongside the ‘Site Data Lists’ dashlet, which shows all of the data lists currently on the site and links to each of them.

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