Getting A Closing Bible Or Archive Of Content

PROJECTFUSION Closing Bible and Archive Services.

We offer 5 options detailed below. Also please see end of article for limitations, timings, process and choices.

To order a closing bible, please complete the form located here.


A) Digital Bible (£50)

More info here.

B) Physical Bible (£200+)

More info here.

C) DIY (Free)

We can send you instructions on how to do this yourself – ideal if your IT team can assist you.

To order a closing bible, please complete the form located here.



D) Hibernation Mode (STARTER plan)

For £99/month (min. 3 months) you can keep using your Projectfusion room open. You get an allowance of 4 users and 2GB storage (+£25/extra user/mo). When going live again just let us know and choose a standard monthly or annual plan.

E) Secure Storage

For £150/year we will keep a secure copy of your data (up to 10Gb) as an encrypted backup. Please note your data room will be shutdown.

If you need to open the room again let us know and we can recover the room from backup, and set everything up again. We then move you back onto a monthly or annual plan.

Please note: You will lose all security settings, comments, metadata and document versions.


Extra Reading

We need up to 2 business days to turn around digital bible deliveries. A physical delivery will require 5 business days. You can give us advance notice and pre-book a day for delivery to avoid delay.

Digital and Physical Bibles are delivered from our Kent Office. Physical deliveries are fulfilled by UPS courier and cost around £35** to London (next day by 10:00-12:00). We can also provide a same-day motorbike courier for around £120** to central London.

** Estimates based on previous deliveries. Subject to courier price fluctuations.


Ask us if you want:

  • Download restricted to named folders or files (We’ll download everything unless you ask us not to)


If you have used version control only the latest version of your files will be included in both the file structure and index document. If you need previous versions of your files, or copies of comments or meta data please let us know.


1) Make a request

Email to request a closing bible or archive option. Be sure to confirm your data room address and/or site name. We’ll get in touch to confirm details and prices.

If you need the closing bible at a particular time please book it in advance. We’ll do what we can, but will normally require at least 2 business days notice for physical deliveries.

2) Freeze! (stop uploading and editing content)

All Projectfusion 5 (latest version) customers can simply stop uploading and editing documents whilst we deal with your request.

To order a closing bible, please complete the form located at –


If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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