Per Site Billing Option

If you have already setup one site with us we can implement per site individual billing – please follow these steps:
1-  Choose a plan from our ratecard for the site
2 – Setup the site (using the create site dialog)
3 – Email and tell us the url, sitename and plan (and client or matter number or details you would like on the invoice) 
It is important you tell us about new rooms so we can capacity plan your servers.
We will issue all your site invoices on the same day each month, on the same billing cycle. You are billed monthly in advance for the room, and monthly in arrears for any user or space overages.  If your billing cycle is the 18th, and you start a room on the 13th of September, you will receive one invoice for the period 13th to the 17th September, and then another invoice for month commencing 18th September.

Notice periods – each additional site will have a 0 day notice period – just shut it down before the next billing date. You will get one more invoice for that site for any user or storage overages incurred in the last billing month. For example, if you are billed on the 18th of every month and you cancel on September 24th, you’ll still have to pay for the entire current month (September 18 – October 18 in this case). You will receive one invoice after that for any overages, again for the entire month.

Internal sites
Any sites you add but don’t tell us about will be considered internal, collated in one invoice, and billed to you, marked ‘internal data room’. If no internal plan exists, all internal rooms will be billed on our entry plan (as published here) – currently 10 users. Internal sites can be billed against one plan – so if you have a 10 user plan and 10 sites, each with 3 users, you will be billed for a 10 user plan and overages of 20 users each month.
Upgrades – Can be effective immediately, and if needed you can even backdate an upgrade to the beginning of the current billing month. Either way we will add a pro rata amount to the next invoice. Let us know you want to upgrade in writing to

Downgrades – Effective from your next billing cycle date. For example if you are billed on the 18th of every month your plan will downgrade from that date. Let us know you want to downgrade in writing to

Shutdown or Hibernate

Sometimes deals go slow. Keep your deal on the back burner with our £99/month hibernation plan for up to 4 users and 2Gb of data. Then when you’re ready to go again you can just turn it on!

Per site billing shutdown:
1 – Run any backups you need – or ask us to do it for you (chargeable)
2 – Shutdown the site yourself (search for it as an admin, then press delete – be aware that site deletion can cause high load on the servers for a few hours after the deletion – you may want to delete large sites at quiet times!)
3 – As an admin empty the trashcan.
4 – Email and confirm the date you shutdown the site (we will keep billing if you don’t tell us!)

Note on data storage
After you empty the trashcan, the files are unlinked, and unrecoverable. Our backups of the files will be automatically purged 2 weeks after the trashcan is emptied.

Get in touch with us if you need more clarification.

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