Archiving Sites The Right Way

Archiving a site is very simple – just follow the sequences below. If you need our help in archiving a site we can provide this to you as a professional service called a “Closing Bible Request”.

Remove everyone but yourself

  1. As a Manager go to your site and click Members
  2. Click the Search button and all members will appear
  3. Click the Remove button one-by-one to remove members from the site

This will prevent anyone from logging in and interacting with the site and its contents.


Export site activities

  1. As a Manager go to your site and click Reporting
  2. In the left sidebar select a start date that covers the 1st day of the site – i.e. if your site was created on the 1st January 2014, make sure that is the date you select in the first date picker box. The end date will be todays date and wont need manual input.
  3. Click the “Data View” link, shown above the table
  4. Now that the table is showing audit events click the Export button and an Excel document will download

Keep a copy of this Excel file as it acts as your audit trail.


Export site index

  1. As a Manager go to your site and click Site index, found in the menu bar
  2. In the top right corner, click “Download Full Index” to export the index as an excel file.

This Excel file will contains a list of each file and folder in the document library.


Export questions and answers (if used)

  1. As a Manager go to your site and click Questions and Answers, found in the menu bar
  2. In the left sidebar click “All” to bring up every question
  3. After all questions have loaded click the Export button to download an Excel file of all questions and replies

This Excel file will contains the initial questions asked, followed by all the replies.


Download your documents

There are a few methods for downloading data, which one you choose depends on how much data you have.

Method 1. Small amount of data (<1GB)

Use ZIP “Compress and Download” feature. This is available for Consumers and above.

Method 2. GoodSync download (1GB>)

If you have more than 1GB of data to download we recommend you install and setup GoodSync – this will connect your Document Library to your local computer and allow mass downloading in one session, of any volume of data.

To download using GoodSync click here.

Contact us if you are unsure or need assistance.

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