The Site Activity Dashlet

When you visit a site dashboard you will probably notice a “Site Activities” dashlet. This dashlet summarises the activities within a site and dependant upon your user role you may or may not see certain activities or details.

Consumer View Only, Consumer PDF/Print and Consumer – These roles do not see the name associated with an activity – i.e. when a file is uploaded. They do not see when people join or leave a site. They do not see when comments are left on documents. Everything is kept anonymous (unless the Social setting for the site has been switched on).

These users only see document uploads and updates.

Contributor, Collaborator and Manager – These roles can see names associated with an activity – i.e. when a file is uploaded, previewed, downloaded, updated or deleted.

Managers – These users can see all activity in the site including when people join or leave a site.

Deletions – Users above Consumer can see other users deletions in the activity stream. Consumer users and below cannot see deletions at all.

Its always a good idea to have a test user account you can easily change the role of to test what users with a specific user role would see before inviting real users into the site.

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