IE6 SSL Protocols / “POODLE” Vulnerability

In response to the “POODLE” vulnerability is SSL ( we are disabling the SSLv3.0 protocol for all of our services.

Some users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (IE6) may find that ProjectFusion services become inaccessible as a result.  We very strongly deprecate the use of IE6, however have continued to support use of this browser as we appreciate it is a requirement of a small number of our clients.

Users can continue to use IE6 provided they are able to enable the TLSv1.0 protocol, which is available in IE6, but not enabled by default.

To do this, go to :

Tools / Internet Options… / Advanced

Then scroll down and tick “Use TLS 1.0” (we also recommend that you untick “Use SSL 2.0” and “Use SSL 3.0”), and click OK.

Users who are unable to do this because, for example, their configurations are “locked down” should contact their technical support.


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