How To Send A File Or Folder From Your Document Library Using Safedrop

If you have some files in your document library that you would like to share externally, please follow the instructions below.

You will need to be a Collaborator or manager (or at least have uploaded the file originally) in order to send the file in a safedrop.


1. Locate the file/folder you want to send in the document library.

2. Hover your mouse over the file and select ‘more’ to extend the drop down menu to the right side and then click ‘safedrop’.

3. This will open the manage safedrops pop up for that file/folder. Click the ‘new safedrop’ button (outlined below) to open the safedrop dashlet.

4. Once the safedrop dashlet has appeared, you can now fill out the safedrop form with your recipient’s email address, the subject and message to accompany your files/folder. You can also choose all the security settings of your safedrop such as whether the recipient is allowed to download the files or not, the expiry time of the safedrop, if they need an email token to access the safedrop or not (recommended for better security) and whether the message body is shown in clear text in the safedrop email or only shown after they access the safedrop.

5. After you have filled in all the necessary fields, and are ready to send the safedrop, you can either click Send or Get a link. Clicking Send will send the recipient/s and email with the link to collect the drop. Clicking Get a link will open a pop up window with the link needed to access the drop, you can then copy this link and send it to anyone you like, however you like. They will then be able to access the files. (unless you selected ’email token’ security, in which case, only the specified recipients will be able to access it.)


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