Restricting Projectfusion’s Access To Your Data Room

If you wish to restrict our access to your data room, simply change the password of our Administrator account. You can then give us access when you wish for us to make changes or provide support. Note – this will make our support slower.

To change the password of the administrator account, click ‘Admin Tools’ at the top of the page and then click ‘Users’. Search for ‘Administrator’ and then click on the name of the user.

Click ‘Edit User’ then scroll down until you see ‘New Password’. At this point, you will have to create a new secure password, we suggest a randomly generated 20 character password. This password should be written down somewhere safe in case you ever need to let us in the data room for support or closing bibles etc. Make sure you click ‘Save Changes’ otherwise the password will remain the same.

There you go, we will no longer have any access to your data room unless you disclose the password to us.

Please note it is recommended that you let us have access to your data room as this makes support much faster and easier.

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