Getting Changes Made To Projectfusion

Projectfusion are continually adding features and new things – and we love to hear what you need.

If we get lots of requests for a change or feature, then we will often implement it at no charge. If it’s an unusual request, but we can see it’s a good idea, you may be able to pay for a custom change. Costs for this start at around £600, the mechanism is defined below.


How we deliver changes

1 Agree spec – Estimate costs and provide a quote.
2 – Write spec and associated user stories for testing

3 – Code and test

4 – formal server build

5 – Test new changes

6 – Place on user test sites for at least 2 weeks.

7 – Write user documentation

8 – Go live

The minimum time from 1 – 5 is 2 weeks. The minimum time to go through the full process is 4 weeks.



Changes just for you (band A) – £800/day

Changes we like for everyone (band B) – £600/day

Rollout – do a server build and rollout just for you – £2,000.

Integrate changes with our next rollout (dates are flexible) – free.

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